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Want to build your graphic style?

Introducing our 2.5-hour+ pre-recorded course that delves deep into the art of Architecture Graphic Communication. This comprehensive program aims to bridge the gap left by architecture education, empowering you to create compelling drawings that bring your projects to life.

This course teaches how to create compelling architectural drawings representing your graphic style:

  • 2.5h+ of Premium Content
  • Learn Technical and Visual Skills
  • Identify Your Graphic Style
  • Rhino ➡ Enscape ➡ Illustrator ➡ Photoshop ➡ Indesign
  • All the secrets of how I built my award-winning graphic style.
  • How other students have approached their graphic communication.
  • How to stand out in a fiercely competitive profession.
  • Lifetime access

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A word from Thomas.

"I have very quickly come to realise that communication in architecture is everything. Our job as a designer is to effectively visually and verbally communicate an idea to a client, tutor, critic or employer. So, how can we clearly and effectively communicate our projects? How can someone I’ve never met understand my project? What are the best ways to display my drawings? All are questions I asked myself numerous times as a designer. The answer is simple: through graphic communication. Graphic communication allows you to construct a powerful and coherent portfolio of drawings. Mastering graphic communication will make selling your projects much more effortless. In my experience, while architecture schools and practices expect you to know how to communicate projects effectively, you are rarely taught how. This is why I have developed this course to teach you how."

Thomas Rowntree @tomrowstudios

Hear from one of our contributors.

"Learning how to appropriately communicate an architectural story through graphic logic & a set of visual tools is incredibly important. As one of my old tutors used to say, “drawings are the currency of an architecture project”. Drawings make or break a student project."

Chada Elalami – an MIT intern, MArch graduate, UOW representative at the Dezeen School Show 2023

What learners have said.

Instructor profile

Thomas Rowntree

Founder of tomrowstudios

Thomas Rowntree is a Ba(Hons) & Masters of Architecture graduate and content creator. Thomas has six years of experience in architecture and has developed a brand through his graphic style. 

His work has had some key acknowledgements, such as:

RIBA Bronze Medal Nomination (2020)

AJ Student Prize Nomination (2020)

RIBA West London Architects Group Prize for Best MArch 1 Portfolio WINNER (2022)

Chosen to represent the University of Westminster at the Dezeen School Shows (2023)

MArch 2 design prize: The Shoaib Rawat Memorial Prize Nomination (2023)


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Drawing & Graphic Workshop

Enrol in our Architecture Graphic Communication Masterclass today!

Why chose tomrowstudios?

1. Experienced Instruction

Our course is led by an award-winning Master of Architecture graduate who has mastered graphic communication and is passionate about sharing their knowledge.

2. Flexibility and Convenience

With pre-recorded sessions, you can learn at your own pace and revisit the content whenever you need a refresher.

3. Practical Skills

Our course isn't just theory-based; it's hands-on and practical, ensuring that you gain real skills that can be immediately applied to your projects.

4. Join our Community

Upon enrolment, you'll become part of a vibrant community of aspiring architects, fostering collaboration, feedback, and inspiration.

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